Meet Ricardo

Ricardo Castaneda is a passionate tattoo artist with a deep love for the medium. He started exploring tattooing in 2022 after working in screen printing and graphics for several years, as well as pursuing airbrushing for around five years.

From an early age, Ricardo has always been drawn to creating art. This passion has led him to work at a screen printing shop, where he honed his skills in graphics and design. However, it wasn't until he discovered tattooing that he truly found his calling.

What Ricardo loves most about tattooing is the challenge of creating art on skin. He enjoys the limitless possibilities that come with this unique medium and is constantly pushing himself to improve his skills. His preferred style of tattooing is black and grey, and he hopes to specialize in realistic portraits in the future.

In addition to his art, Ricardo is also drawn to the atmosphere of the tattoo shop. He loves the camaraderie among the fellow artists and the deep connections he forms with his clients. 

When he's not tattooing, Ricardo loves spending time with his family. He is married and has six children, and he treasures the memories they create together. As he continues to grow as an artist, Ricardo is excited to see where his journey in tattooing will take him and the amazing people he will meet along the way.