Design Logistics

WHY don’t we send designs to you prior to your appointment

For some context, designs can take several hours to draw up, it’s a big part of the process and although you may feel we are only working for you for the hours you are in the shop with us, the time gathering details and designing the project is also time we are spending working for you on your tattoo. 


Tattoo artists usually have their work easily available on social media these days. Customers choose an artist based on the style of tattoo they are interested in having done. 

In that circumstance we can get you our best artist for the job, you should have plenty of confidence in our ability to create what you have asked for! 

Potential customers can see our work online, the style each artists has us usually very specific and customers don’t tend to book with an artist unless they know they like what that artist does. We assume that is why people specifically request to be tattooed by an artist, they like that style and want us to work our magic 


If you are booking in with a specific artist, we can only assume it’s because you have seen and loved what they have done in the past, or others have recommended their style based on work they have done for them. Ultimately, we are the professionals and you can trust us to do what we do best. We will never stray from your brief, we will never go rogue and draw something totally outside of the box, and if we have suggestions about the design because we are concerned about it not working perfectly for any reason we will always ask you first! 


Artists each have their own way of gathering information, from booking enquiry forms to a series of text messages or emails discussing your ideas. Consultations are highly encouraged. We do this so we can gather enough information as possible to create a tattoo you want. This is pretty unavoidable if you want a quality tattoo, so keep that in mind when you enquire. This should leave very little margin for error!

Exceptions to this rule are getting a small simple tattoo. Walk-ins are based on availability and artist discretion. If you plan to walk-in we operate on a first come first serve basis, while appointments will receive priority. Please be prepared to wait as we dedicate the same time and care to each client.

We usually do all drawing the night before an appointment, partly so it is fresh in our mind for your appointment, and partly because we have other clients every day of the week and are drawing for them every evening prior to their appointment.


In the past, we have sent designs to clients prior to the appointment. Unfortunately, some times we have had our designs stolen or taken to another artist to complete, at a much lower quality and lower cost than we would have done. Leaving us out of pocket for the design and for the appointment when the custimer doesn’t show up.


Often when we send a design to a customer prior to the appointment they will show friends and family, who will all have their own opinions on the artwork.  These mean I have to redraw the design and re-send it to the client. They then show it to friends or family again and send back more small adjustments to make. Just this back and forth process can take hours of our time, outside of the time we have spent drawing it and will spend tattooing it. It is all time that we are not specifically being paid for, and takes away from our focus on other projects, as well as from our personal lives.

It is absolutely fine to ask for other peoples opinions, just remember that this tattoo is on YOU and for YOU only! So think about what YOU like and want, don’t rely on other peoples thoughts to form your opinion. 


Although you have been given a start time, that doesn’t necessarily mean the time we start tattooing at. You pay by the hour for the time we spend tattooing. The cost of the design is built into this price. 

This means there is always time at the start of the appointment to make adjustments, or tweaks, discuss size and placement and make sure you are absolutely happy with your design. You will only start officially being charged when we start tattooing. 

We design everything on the iPad, so making modifications are fairly straightforward! However, if you decide on the day that you want to make big drastic changes to the design this may impact your appointment and deposit.

We will never tattoo something you aren’t absolutely certain about. Please be open and honest with us at this time and we can alleviate any worries you have or amend anything you feel needs to be changed. 


We want you to feel totally happy and confident about your tattoo, so communication is the most important thing you can give us! Please try to be open and honest during your consultations, emails, phone calls and at the appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs as best as we can!