Meet Gabriel


Gabriel Castanda started working in the field in 1995. But in 1992, he came across magazines featuring gorgeous Japanese full-body tattoos, and his passion for tattooing was awakened. Gabriel decided to intervene on his own after being moved by the exquisite artwork. His lifelong interest in the trade began when he took a needle from his mother's sewing kit and began experimenting.

Gabriel specializes in black and grey tattooing and takes great pleasure in making elaborate and precise designs. In his reflections on his development as an artist, Gabriel stresses the value of perseverance and constant practice. He exhorts prospective artists to embrace the learning process and not be deterred by their initial level of proficiency. The development and flourishing of artistic abilities come naturally with commitment and perseverance.

Gabriel is a devoted husband and a happy father of three children outside of his line of work. He finds comfort and joy in spending time with his family and making priceless memories with them. And when it's time to decompress, he likes to relax by unwinding with a nice drink and enjoying the simple things in life.

The inspiration behind Gabriel's career as a tattoo artist is his passion for the trade, and his commitment to his family. For those who seek his craft, he continues to produce profound and breathtaking tattoos that leave a lasting impression on their skin and hearts.